18 year old Corey is looking for a date

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Hey my name is Corey. I race down hill skiing, and play tennis. On top of that i am a red belt in taekwondo. I think a persons friends are their greatest treasure. I love the ocean and hope to live in Florida, California or Australia when i get older. I don’t drink or smoke and wont date anyone who does. Please dont message me if you older than 30. Message me if you want to talk or hang out. Im looking to date so don’t be afraid to ask.

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For your enjoyment here’s 18 year old Erick


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18 Year Old Chris


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Say Hello To 18 year old Kenny


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1)Attractive personality 2)Affectionate 3)Shy and reserved Secretive 4)Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic 5)Loves peace and serenity 6)Sensitive to others 7)Loves to serve others 8)Not easily angered 9)Trustworthy 10)Appreciative and returns kindness 11)Observant and assesses others 12)Revengeful 13)Loves to dream and fantasize 14)Loves traveling 15)Loves attention 16)Hasty decisions in choosing partners 17)Loves home decors 18)Musically Talented 19)Loves special things 20)Moody

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18 year old High School student – Milo

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HeY biTChez, itZ M!L0 !! HmM…, wHERE shoULd I sTarT….I’m POLISH nd PROUD! I’m GAY Nd OUT, lolz, My age yz 18, cuRRRently ATTeNDinG EasT LeydeN HigH SchooL, the most stupid nd crazey sch00l there ez, but oh well.. I LUVe to spenD (monEY) TiME wIT mah friendZ, playin Vide0 g@mE$ nd of couRZ partyinG, Don”t really fEEl LiKe WriTINg sO if Yo Wannna NO Mo Mess@Ge ME… XoxO M!L0

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14 year old Brennan coming out story

The only thing I really want is a guy. (Yes, I am gay. Sorry ladies :P) one that really wants to be with me, but isn’t all about sex, sex is probably the least important thing in a relationship for me. I want to share the romantic parts of a relationship with someone. The laughs, the cuddling, the beauty of it all. Not the sex.

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Andrew’s Videos

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A day in the life of a 15 year old bi boy with a twisted faith Blog

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Yes, that is actually me. Blog

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I’m a gay 17 living in Melbourne and life, as hard as it is, i persevere and procrastinate along the way (^.^) Blog

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Me Myself and Some Boys Blog

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Coming Out Story Video

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Mason’s Coming Out Video

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